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What is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Belek for a Golf Holiday?

During May to October Belek enjoys very hot weather. Which may be ideal for those sun worshipers among us, but not perfect for an avid golfer. Avoiding these months would not only help with the temperatures on the course but will also help you avoid peak season prices.

When Will I Get the Best Value Golf Holiday in Belek?

Not only is Belek an up and coming resort town, with white sandy beaches and ancient sights to see, but it is fast becoming a number one choice for golfing holidays. This great weather and all-inclusive resorts there is little wonder more and more golfers are choosing Belek. This said, the more appealing Belek becomes for holidays makers the more a golfer needs to check their dates of travel to get the best deal. So, if you want to improve your handicap on the championship courses Belek has on offer then travelling here during March, April or November would be best.
  • March
  • April
  • November
The most expensive months to play golf in Belek are:
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
It is important to note that these price guidelines are based on the price of golf and do not consider of the price of accommodation or flights from the UK to Belek. The peak UK holiday season of July and August combined with the hottest weather can mean that these are not ideal dates for a golf holiday.

When is the Cheapest Time to Fly to Belek?

In line with popular studies, in order of price, the cheapest months to fly from the UK to Belek are; June May October September.

What are the Best 5 Golf Courses in Belek?

The Best 5 Golf Courses in Belek are listed below. For more information on each of these courses please click on the course name to be taken to a detailed information page where you can also request and book

Tee Times

  1. Lykia Links
  2. Antalya - PGA Sultan
  3. Montgomerie Maxx Royal Golf Course
  4. Carya Golf Club
  5. Sueno Pines

What are the Best Golf Resorts in Belek?

What amounts to the best golf resort in Belek, well for us this means carefully collating the findings of great hotels with that of equally outstanding golf facilities. Our favourite Golf Resorts in Belek are:
  1. Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort
  2. Maxx Royal Belek Resort
  3. Sueno Deluxe Hotel

Are there Any Golf and Spa Resorts in Belek?

Briefly put yes. And who would say no to washing away in an instance the stresses and strains brought on by a day on the golf course? A golf and spa package seems to have the answer to all our dreams. Not only can golfers unwind and release the day with a relaxing massage, but also any non-golfing traveller can indulge in the facilities and treatments on offer.

Top Golf and Spa Resorts in Belek

The following hotels in Belek not only have access to either on-site or nearby golf but also have excellent Spa facilities too. Top Golf and Spa Resorts in Belek:
  1. Sueno Deluxe Hotel
  2. Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort
  3. Maxx Royal Belek Resort

How to Find a Cheap Golf Holiday in Belek

Finding a cheap golf holiday isn’t too tricky in Belek if you follow a few simple steps, firstly avoiding peak season and school holidays will reduce the price exponentially. This works well with the second step of avoiding those top temperatures during the height of summer, which are usually in the mid-30s (degrees Celsius) and not great for hours on the golf course.

What are the Most Upmarket Regions in Belek?

Belek town centre is home to the mosque which stands by statues and a waterfall heading towards a wide range of shopping on tree lined boulevards. Turkey is becoming a real contender in the tourism trade and rivals even the Algarve with its numbers for golfers flocking to Belek. The city of Pergenear Belek famed for its great amphitheatre that can still today hold over 15,000 spectators

What are the Best Regions for Nightlife in Belek?

There are few bars or clubs in Belek itself but, that said, many hotels have their own entertainment. Therefore, you will still be able to party the night away with the in-house discos. You may find this a good reason to try an all-inclusive package deal. But, if an ‘up all night’ party feel is more your seen, then Belek should probably not be your first choice.

Are there Any All-Inclusive Golf Resorts in Belek?

All-inclusive certainly seems to be the popular choice in Belek. If ease is what you are looking for and taking the stress out of where to dine sounds appealing, you are have chosen the right destination. Many local resorts offer all-inclusive deals, including all 3 resorts mentioned on this page.

How Much Will the Airline Charge me to Take My Golf Clubs to Belek?

Depending on which airline you are flying with, taking your golf clubs with you can be an expensive business. Most ‘Budget’ airlines charge between £60 - £100 for golf club carriage.
  • Thomas Cook Airways – To add your sporting equipment to your booking you need to contact them direct through Manage My Booking, charges will be calculated and applied on an individual basis.
  • Thomson Airways - Asked to be advised at least 2 months prior to travel 0203 451 2695 of any sporting equipment as if it is not pre-booked, they may refuse to carry it.

Should I take My Golf Clubs or Hire Them When I Get to Belek?

The choice is of course entirely yours at the end of the day, but with so many airlines adding an additional fee per flight to travel with your golf clubs, then leaving them at home could be the better option. Having your own clubs with you might be your preferred method of playing but this does run the risk of possible damage or loss during the journey.

Which Airlines Fly into Belek?