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Golf Holidays in Costa Del Sol

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What are the Best Golf Courses in Costa Del Sol?

The Best Golf Courses in Costa Del Sol are listed below. For more information on each of these courses please click on the course name to be taken to a detailed information page where you can also request and book Tee Times
  1. San Roque New
  2. Rio Real Golf & Spa
  3. El Chaparral Golf Club
  4. Marbella Golf & Country Club
  5. Finca Cortesin Golf Club

What are the Best Golf Resorts in Costa Del Sol?

To calculate what we would rate to be the Best Golf Courses in Costa Del Sol we amalgamate popular study of quality hotels with the class of the nearby golf courses to create a superior overall Golf Resort. Our favorite Golf Resorts in Costa Del Sol are:
  1. Rio Real Golf & Hotel
  2. Marbella Golf & Country Club (offers ‘Wellness’, professional massage on site)
  3. Finca Cortesin Golf Club

Are there Any Golf and Spa Resorts in Costa Del Sol?

Being able to combine both the pleasure of a good game of golf, and a gentle unwind afterwards, is what more and more golfers and are choosing to do these days. So, combining a hotel which includes a spa and an excellent golf course is sure to be everyone’s ‘hole in one’.

Top Golf and Spa Resorts in Costa Del Sol

  1. Rio Real Golf & Hotel
  2. Finca Cortesin Golf Club

How to Find a Cheap Golf Holiday in Costa Del Sol

As I am sure any avid traveller will tell you, the best way to find a cheap golf holiday is to first decide when you would like and be available to play. After this if you cross reference your dates with things such as local festivals in the area you will be travelling to and finally, don’t forget the school holiday hype. This invariably will bump up the price of hotels, flights and even some eateries in the region.

What are the Most Upmarket Regions in Costa Del Sol?

Malaga is the name most people think about when you hear Costa Del Sol, but this coastal region has no shortage of rich outstanding places to visit. Marbella would be the place to be if you are looking for a glamorous playground both night and day. However, Nerji and Benalmadena are both very much traditional spots to take up in the Spanish day to day lifestyle. This said, don’t be fooled by the nightlife element of Malaga, she too has plenty to enthral and sightseer

What are the Best Regions for Nightlife in Costa Del Sol?

Marbella certainly has the authority on all things ‘party’ in this fun packed region. With fun to be had with every step you take.

Are there Any All-Inclusive Golf Resorts in Costa Del Sol?

If easy is what you are looking for and the stress out of where to dine is not something you what to be dealing with on you golf holiday, then you are in the right place. Many local resorts offer all-inclusive deals.

How Much Will the Airline Charge me to Take My Golf Clubs to Costa Del Sol?

Depending on which airline you are flying with, taking your golf clubs with you can be an expensive business. Most ‘Budget’ airlines charge between £60 - £100 for golf club carriage. Ryanair - £30 per flight Norwegian Air Shuttle - £24 - £28 (online) £33 - £43 GBP (airport) per flight Aer Lingus - One Golf Bag per traveller Etihad Airways – Not allowed other than check as you piece of luggage Cathay Pacific – Will be charged at additional and heavy luggage (some routes do not include this option)

Should I take My Golf Clubs or Hire Them When I Get to Costa Del Sol?

The choice is of course entirely yours at the end of the day, but with so many airlines adding an additional fee per flight to travel with your golf clubs, then leaving them at home could be the better option. Having your own clubs with you might be your preferred method of playing but this does run the risk of possible damage or loss during the journey.

Which Airlines Fly into Costa Del Sol?

Ryanair Norwegian Air Shuttle Aer Lingus Etihad Airways Cathay Pacific