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What is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Madeira for a Golf Holiday?

June to September are the warmest months in Madeira, but even then, still getting too hot to let it hinder a golf holiday. Madeira is a lush green island with botanical gardens that offer the proof of what the sometimes, rather wet location has on offer. When choosing Madeira as a golf holiday location it is not a matter of thinking, how hot will I be? But, how wet will I get? January is notably the wettest month of the year, with November and December looking soggy too. To this end the best time of year to visit Madeira for a golf holiday would be March to May. From the month of June onwards the heat may become a factor to consider.

When Will I Get the Best Value Golf Holiday in Madeira?

Madeira is an ideal location for those of us looking to enjoy a climate not too dissimilar than Britain. Avoiding July and August would be a you best option to skip those inevitable price hicks of the school holidays. For the best value for money a golf holiday here a visit would be in the months of:
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • November
The most expensive months to play golf in Madeira are:
  • June
  • July
  • August
It is important to note that these price guidelines are based on the price of golf and do not consider of the price of accommodation or flights from the UK to Madeira. The peak UK holiday season of July and August combined with the hottest weather can mean that these are not ideal dates for a golf holiday. However, the fringe months of May and September will provide excellent value for money both on the golf courses and within the hotels.

When is the Cheapest Time to Fly to Madeira?

In line with popular studies the cheapest month to fly from the UK to Madeira is November.

What are the Best Golf Courses in Madeira?

The Best Golf Courses in Madeira are listed below. For more information on each of these courses please click on the course name to be taken to a detailed information page where you can also request and book Tee Times
  1. Porto Santo Golf Club
  2. Santo de Serra Golf Course
  3. Palheiro Golf Course

What are the Best Golf Resorts in Madeira?

When taking into consideration what amounts to the best golf resort in Madeira we carefully collate the findings of a great hotel with equally outstanding golf facilities. Our favourite Golf Resorts in Madeira are:
  1. Enotel Lido Madeira
  2. Pestana Ocean Bay
  3. Quinta Jardins do Lago
  4. Cliff Bay Resort

Are there Any Golf and Spa Resorts in Madeira?

If offered the choice, why would you not chose to remove any stresses of your day with a nice relaxing spa resort? As any golfer knows a day of golf doesn’t always come as easy as planned, with a spa included golf holiday you can indulge in any number of ways to wash, massage and pamper those tensions away. This luxury is not exclusive to golfers; any non-golfer can enjoy the serenity a spa day brings.

Top Golf and Spa Resorts in Madeira

The following hotels in Madeira not only have access to either on-site or nearby golf but also have excellent Spa facilities too. Top Golf and Spa Resorts in Madeira:
  1. Enotel Lido Madeira
  2. Cliff Bay Resort

How to Find a Cheap Golf Holiday in Madeira

We all want to know the secret of not spending too much on our golf holiday. Well, there is no secret, just a little bit of common sense. Using the information on this page to gage the typical weather at certain times of year, along with the avoidance of peak holiday times, the final factor is, when would you like to go on your golf holiday?

What are the Most Upmarket Regions in Madeira?

Madeira was voted ‘Europe’s Leading Island Destination’ at the World Travel Awards in 2016. Not surprisingly then, there are many fascinating and rich areas around this luscious land. Aside from the beautiful and tranquil element of the island, Madeira has another side too. With many new hotels opening in recent years it has a real ‘holiday with friends’ and younger vibe to submerge yourself into. Top spots to take in would be the capital Funchal and Ponta de Sol.

What are the Best Regions for Nightlife in Madeira?

Weekly programs of varying entertainment are on offer in most local hotels and are open to the public. You can keep things traditional with a Folklore evening combined with dinner daily in, A Parreir and A Seta. Or, you could head to the old town to hear Fado at Arsenio’s and Marcelino. The options in Madeira are plentiful and will cover all your entertainment needs.

Are there Any All-Inclusive Golf Resorts in Madeira?

Pestana Ocean Bay is the only option at present for an all-inclusive package. However, with beautiful surroundings and plenty to do, there is never a problem of where to dine or unwind.

How Much Will the Airline Charge me to Take My Golf Clubs to Madeira?

Depending on which airline you are flying with, taking your golf clubs with you can be an expensive business. Most ‘Budget’ airlines charge between £60 - £100 for golf club carriage. Monarch - Between £25.00 (GBP) / €33,00 (EUR) and £28.00 / €39,00 per set, per sector when you pre-book. £35.00 (GBP) / €49,00 (EUR) per set, per sector if paid at airport. EasyJet £60 British Airways £0 Jet2- Depending on weight the cost could start as little as £25 but this would need to be discussed with the airline when tickets are in place Norwegian - £24 - £28 (online) £33 - £43 GBP (airport) per flight Thomson Airways - Asked to be advised at least 2 months prior to travel 0203 451 2695 of any sporting equipment as if it is not pre-booked, they may refuse to carry it.

Should I take My Golf Clubs or Hire Them When I Get to Madeira?

With many airlines now charging to transport golf clubs, renting clubs locally often becomes the more logical option. This coupled with the potential risk of damage or loss of clubs while travelling, this is certainly the hassle-free way to play golf abroad. Premium Club Hire starts at 25 euros a day and ranging from 70 euros for a week.

Which Airlines Fly into Madeira?