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What is the Best Time of the Year to Visit The Algarve for a Golf Holiday?

When is the best time of year to visit the Algarve, usually translates to, what is the weather like? So, to this end we can tell you that the Algarve sees its hottest weather during June to October, with August seeing highs up into the mid-30s (degrees Celsius). Therefore, a golf holiday during these months is not ideal. Fringe months of April, May and November would give you a much more comfortable golf holiday. The cooler months of January, February and December would often supply you with a more manageable heat at a more comfortable price.

When Will I Get the Best Value Golf Holiday in Algarve?

‘I’m jetting off to the Algarve’ is not an uncommon sight on social media these days as the destination only gets more popular as the years go by. The best advice we can give in regards the best value golf holiday would be to avoid peak seasons such as school holidays. For the best value for money a golf holiday here, a visit would be during the months of:
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • December

The most expensive months to play golf in The Algarve are:

  • July
  • August
  • September
It is important to note that these price guidelines are based on the price of golf and do not consider of the price of accommodation or flights from the UK to the Algarve. The peak UK holiday season of July and August combined with the hottest weather can mean that these are not ideal dates for a golf holiday. However, the fringe months of April and October will provide excellent value for money both on the golf courses and within the hotels.

When is the Cheapest Time to Fly to Algarve?

In line with popular studies the cheapest months to fly from the UK to the Algarve are December to February.

What are the Best 5 Golf Courses in The Algarve?

The Best 5 Golf Courses in the Algarve are listed below. For more information on each of these courses please click on the course name to be taken to a detailed information page where you can also request and book Tee Times
  1. Oceanico – Old Course Vilamoura
  2. Monte Rei Golf Course
  3. Oceanico Faldo
  4. San Lorenzo
  5. Palmares Golf Club

What are the Best Golf Resorts in The Algarve?

When taking into consideration what amounts to the best golf resort in the Algarve we sagely collate the findings of a great hotel, with equally outstanding golf facilities. Our favourite Golf Resorts in the Algarve are:
  1. Conrad Algarve
  2. Hilton Vilamoura As Cascatas Golf and Spa
  3. Tivoli Victoria
  4. Tivoli Vilamoura

Are there Any Golf and Spa Resorts in The Algarve?

In short yes. And why not take the opportunity to indulge in an excellent spa retreat at the end of your day, or even before you get started on your golf experience. Golf and Spa resorts are the perfect compromise for golfers travelling with a non-golfer too, as they can enjoy all the spa has to offer while you perfect your swing.

Top Golf and Spa Resorts in Algarve

The following hotels in Algarve not only have access to either on-site or nearby golf but also have excellent Spa facilities too. Top Golf and Spa Resorts in Algarve:
  1. Conrad Algarve
  2. Tivoli Victoria 

How to Find a Cheap Golf Holiday in Algarve

As in planning any event you will have a personal checklist. Finding a cheap golf holiday in the Algarve is no different. First things first for a golf holiday is the weather, making sure you choose the right month is personal preference but we have outlined the cycles above. Next it’s a matter of cross referencing any peak times and school holidays you may wish to avoid and not forgetting of course, when you would like to take the golf holiday.

What are the Most Upmarket Regions in The Algarve?

If you want accessible beaches that can walk around with ease then why not try the eastern Algarve resorts. This area of the Algarve is warm throughout the year and the sea is too.

What are the Best Regions for Nightlife in The Algarve?

The Algarve has everything you could need for a night of fun. Whether you are after a quiet evening to reflect on the day or you want to party the night away the Algarve has it all. With an array or family friendly bars and a wide range of bars and clubs you will not be short on entertainment. Praia-da-Rocha in West Algarve is certainly a favourite for fun along with Vilamoura in Central Algarve, you will find no language barrier here as they both speak ‘fun’.

Are there Any All-Inclusive Golf Resorts in The Algarve?

Sao Rafael Suites offer all-inclusive in the Algarve so, if easy access and convenience is what you are looking for this is the place for you.

How Much Will the Airline Charge me to Take My Golf Clubs to Algarve?

Depending on which airline you are flying with, taking your golf clubs with you can be an expensive business. Most ‘Budget’ airlines charge between £60 - £100 for golf club carriage.
  • Monarch - Between £25.00 (GBP) / €33,00 (EUR) and £28.00 / €39,00 per set, per sector when you pre-book. £35.00 (GBP) / €49,00 (EUR) per set, per sector if paid at airport.
  • EasyJet £60
  • British Airways £0
  • Ryanair - £30 per flight

Should I take My Golf Clubs or Hire Them When I Get to The Algarve?

With many airlines now charging to transport golf clubs, renting clubs locally often becomes the more logical option. This coupled with the potential risk of damage or loss of clubs while travelling, this is certainly the hassle-free way to play golf abroad. Premium Club Hire starts at 25 euros a day and ranging from 70 euros for a week.

Which Airlines Fly into The Algarve?