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The Golfing Getaways Best Price Promise

The Golf Travel Market is a competitive place with a range of tour operators offering very similar packages to very similar resorts.  So how do you ensure that you are getting the best possible price?  Here at Golfing Getaways we have decided to provide you with an insight into how the industry works and to show you why we are confident that we cannot be beaten on price.

How Does The Golf Industry Work?

Any Golf Tour Operator that is worth dealing with will be a member of an organisation called IAGTO which acts like a governing body within the industry that allows all members to contract with all major golf resorts around the world.  In effect, what this means is that very small tour operators get the same commission from Golf Resorts as the largest companies in the industry and therefore are able to compete on price.

Virtually all tour operators work with these direct contracts from Golf Resorts and offer ‘fixed packages’ based on 3, 5 or 7 nights accommodation with a prescribed number of rounds of golf.  These offers are then passed onto the general public with the addition of a profit margin for the tour operator (because they do actually do some work and have to eat!) and deals are created.

What Makes Golfing Getaways Different?

Golfing Getaways works in exactly the same way as described above, however we ALSO do something very different which is unique in the industry.  Having spent 18 months developing revolutionary software, golfing getaways has been designed to allow you to create your own tailored golf package.  You simply choose the region that you’d like to go to, the number of nights and the number of times that you’d like to play golf and we do the rest.  You can even choose whether you’d like to play the Cheapest Courses, Best Value Courses or the Best Course – or a combination of all three AND you can even choose specific courses that you’d like to play.

But That’s Not All

Golfing Getaways do not rely on the ‘Fixed Package’ contract from the golf resorts.  We also take a live data feed from many different hotel providers and match these rates with all applicable golf rates to bring you an enormous range of golf holiday options all of which are offered at the best possible price.

So Why Are We Cheaper?

Where we build our own packages for clients we are cheaper because the way in which we work is unique, however if you are looking for a package based at a golf resort it all comes down to the profit margin and this is where we have an advantage too!

The Big Two have had the Golf Travel Industry pretty much to themselves for many years. With offices in Central London & Windsor and literally 100’s of staff their overheads are high and all of these obviously have to be paid for.  Our prices are lower because:

  • Our office is located in Stoke on Trent – rent and wages here are a lot less than in the South East
  • We don’t advertise on the Television – this saves us a fortune!
  • We haven’t got any ‘Ambassadors’  – we could get some if we wanted to, but you’d have to pay for them in the price of your package


We would love you to give us a chance of quoting for your next Golf Holiday.  We promise that you will stay in the same hotel, play the same golf courses and pay the same (or less!) than if you book with one of the big two.  We will also happily arrange your flights, car hire, airport transfers and hotel to golf course transfers and give you an emergency telephone number in the unlikely event that something were to go wrong whilst you are away.

For more information please feel free to give us a call on 01782 792 172 or email