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Hello and Welcome to – formally

Please allow me to introduce you to our company and the reasons that we feel that is trying hard to become a market leader in Golf Holiday Travel.

Why the Rebrand?

Having traded successfully for 2 years as ‘’ we have now developed technology that is simply too good to be confined to the all-inclusive hotel sector.  Because of this we have expanded our Golf Holiday offering to include hotels and apartments that are not only available on an all-inclusive basis.   Clearly, this makes our old name somewhat irrelevant and so a rebrand has become necessary.

What Makes Our Technology So Good?

Most golf holiday companies take what is called a ‘Static Contract’ from a Golf Hotel and load it into their system.  This provides the users with a nice range of hotel and golf packages based around all of the element that are included in the contract.  This is something that we do as well, however we also do something that is completely unique.

By taking live hotel availability feeds from literally hundreds of suppliers our website searches for hotel availability and prices every time somebody performs a search which provides them with a wider choice of hotels and the very best possible price.    In addition to this, we let you choose which courses you’d like to play in one of three ways:

  1. Choose to play either the Cheapest, Best Value or Best Courses within a specific distance from your hotel and let our system suggest the best options
  2. Select the courses that you want to play and let our system pair these with hotels in convenient locations
  3. Combine both by choosing some specific courses and letting us suggest others according to quality and location

This system is completely unique and is proving to give golf holiday makers more choice as well has holiday options at better rates than ever seen before.

Best Price Promise

Becauase we use so many different hotel suppliers and because we are members of IAGTO – the International Association of Golf Tour Operators – we are able to offer all golf holidays at the best possible price.  We are also located in Stoke on Trent and so have lower rent and staff costs compared with our South East based competitors.  We do not pay any celebrities to endorse our brand and we don’t have expensive television adverts which have to be paid accounted for.

Why Choose Us?

In a market which is dominated by two big players here at we know that it is tempting to stick with what you know.  However, it is our hope that by offering a wider range of golf holiday options, by providing excellent customer service, by beating our competitors on price AND by bribing you with Free ProV1 Golf Balls that you might just be persuaded to put your trust in the underdog and to let us show you how good we are.


With kind regards,


Tom Warsop
Managing Director